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The Sama Sofia terrazzo factory owns three lines for the production of popular and outdoor tiles, which produce dozens of different types of tiles of different thicknesses and shapes
And in multiple sizes and colors. The production capacity reaches 1,200 square meters per day

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Sama Sofia terrazzo Company
Experience for more than 20 years

Our management leads the business with cumulative experience of more than forty years in manufacturing, and it participates in business development and raising its efficiency and product effectiveness

Our flooring technicians are real craftsmen, passionate about making your living space simply fabulous. We use only the highest quality tools for Dustless Sanding, Floor and Staircase Refinishing and Repair. We also take special care to ensure a safe, clean and eco-friendly work environment.

Sama sofia

Sama Sofia terrazzo Factory for the production of popular and outdoor floor tiles from the finest types of natural raw materials from alabaster and natural stone extracted from the Turkish mountains with different bright colors to meet the desires and tastes of all our customers in countries of the world.

  • We strive to become one of the most efficient appetizers, wood, tiles, sidewalk tiles, crimson tiles and masonry. We deliver beyond expectations

  • To become one of the most efficient factories in Turkey

  • To build a solid trust between us and our customers

  • Work on rapid delivery in an appropriate time frame, high quality products

The management team proactively collects feedback from our valued customers, identifies changes in the work environment, reviews work procedures and communicates to identify key learning points.