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Top 5 common tile cleaning mistakes you should avoid

  • 2020-10-19

Tile floors, grout and other similar surfaces have a good level of durability and are relatively easy to clean and maintain. When vacuuming and some wiping doesn't seem enough, some people tend to resort to more stringent cleaning methods which, unfortunately, can cause discoloration and an unappealing appearance to surfaces in general.
And when this is done over an extended period of time, inappropriate cleaning methods and the use of harsh cleaning solutions can eventually damage tiles and grout.

Here are some of the most common tile cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

1- The scan is incorrect.
The correct way to clean tile floors is to wet wipe and use clean water while wiping. The most common tile-cleaning mistake people make is frequent washing rather than simply wet wiping.
Dirty water that seeps into the porous surface of tiles and grout causes unwanted moisture accumulation which will eventually lead to a series of other flooring and grout issues.
2- Use colored tile cleaners.
Avoid using colored detergents for tiles when cleaning them. Obviously, with a certain level of porosity for your tiles (especially for unglazed tiles), it will be able to absorb the dye from the colored cleaning agent.

3- Use harsh cleaning chemicals.
Bleach, muriatic acid, and other harsh chemicals should be avoided for routine care and cleaning of tiles, grout and surface. Other than being a serious health risk, spills or stains from these chemicals can damage devices or other installations in the surrounding area. Not only that, cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals can cause premature wear of tiles and grout and eventual wear when done for longer periods.
4- The use of abrasive materials.
As much as we wish to eliminate damage to our tile and grout floors, we must avoid using metallic scouring pads or steel wool when cleaning tile floors as it may cause staining and scratching, and ultimately damaging the shiny finish of ceramic or porcelain tiles. This includes the use of other abrasive tools and cleaning agents.
With avoiding these methods, there is no doubt that you will preserve the floors of your home or company for a longer period and with Sama Sophia we offer you advice in addition to the necessary maintenance in case of need.